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This website contains information specifically relating to the 2010-2016 HLF-funded CVLLP project.
It is likely that contact information and links may become out of date.
Please contact us if you require assistance.

Our partnership is continuing to develop and deliver projects
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Theme 6: Maintenance of heritage

CVLLP is a programme of interlinked projects that sit within the following themes:

Maintenance of heritage

At a landscape level the Churnet Valley Living Landscape Partnership will look to achieve sustained maintenance of the heritage of the Churnet Valley by:

  • creating an economically sustainable solution to woodland management aimed to support good woodland management within the valley for many years ahead;
  • assist landowners and managers into funded support programmes for landscape management, most of which require a commitment of ten years or more;
  • train people in the skills required to maintain heritage features such as dry stone walls so that the community is equipped to participate in the maintenance of its own heritage.

Where CVLLP has been involved in supporting the direct restoration or enhancement of an identified heritage item there will be an accompanying maintenance contract stipulating a minimum of 10 years’ maintenance in line with Heritage Lottery Requirements as described in HLF Terms and Conditions.