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This website contains information specifically relating to the 2010-2016 HLF-funded CVLLP project.
It is likely that contact information and links may become out of date.
Please contact us if you require assistance.

Our partnership is continuing to develop and deliver projects
For general information please see the Churnet Valley website

For the latest news and events, please use the Churnet Valley Guide

Reserve Projects

The final suite of projects are all activities that the Partnership Board agreed would be part of the overall CVLLP programme but were not to be submitted as HLF projects only because there is insufficient funding available. The Partnership Board hope to bring them all forward as other funding becomes available.

We are referring to these projects as Reserve or Contingency Projects, not because they are in any way lesser projects than the previous listed, but as a decision by the Partnership Board as to what projects would cause the least overall reduction in value to CVLLP as a whole should non-confirmed income fail to materialise. As funding is made available we will agree which projects to bring forward initially via the Partnership Board and then with the agreement of Heritage Lottery Fund.