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This website contains information specifically relating to the 2010-2016 HLF-funded CVLLP project.
It is likely that contact information and links may become out of date.
Please contact us if you require assistance.

Our partnership is continuing to develop and deliver projects
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Historic England

Historic England is the Government's lead advisory body for the historic environment, offering national expertise locally. We are the public body which champions and protects England’s historic places. We help people to understand, value, care for and enjoy England’s heritage by:

  • Advising government on which parts of the historic environment are nationally important and need to be protected;
  • Promoting the importance of heritage in making places distinctive and valued;
  • Advising local authorities and other decision makers on managing change within the historic environment so that the significance of places is safeguarded;
  • Sharing our understanding of the significance of England’s places through training and guidance;  and
  • Providing grants to reduce the number of heritage assets deemed to be at risk.

Each year we provide funds to support historic buildings, monuments, designed landscapes, conservation areas and places of worship throughout the West Midlands region, targeting our efforts on those heritage assets defined as At Risk on the Heritage At Risk register. Each year Historic England compiles the reports Heritage at Risk and Heritage Counts and provides expertise in a wide range of fields relating to the conservation of the historic environment.